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Snadné a rychlé kurzy!!!

Jedná se o soukromé hodiny. 

Délka kurzů:

I. minikurz

trvá 5 vyuč.hodin

Plán učiva:

-názvy not,pomlky,délky not

-stupnice,hudební osnova

-hudební označení


Cena kurzu je 400kč

II.střední kurz

Trvá 7vyuč.hodin

Plán učiva:

-Názvy not,pomlky,délky not


-hudební označení,označení dynamiky


-předznamenání (#,b)

Cena kurzu je 700kč

III. Celý kurz

Trvá 10vyuč.hodin

Plán učiva:

-názvy not,pomlky,délky not


-hudební označení,označení dynamiky


-předznamenání (#,b)

-značky v notách

-rozdělení hudebních nástrojů,hudby a orchestru

+rozšíření (intervaly-základy,atd….)

Cena kurzu je 900kč

Rychlokurz se doporučuje především pro začátečníky,jelikož se začíná od základů.Na věku u nás nezáleží…

Pro děti v mladším věku jsou přizpůsobeny plány učiva ve formě hry.

Naopak lidem,kteří mají problémy s hudební teorií se snažíme vyhovět,rozšířit znalosti a vyřešit problematiku i přesto,že se netýká plánů učiva.

Kurz je soukromý.Vyuč.hodiny probíhají v prostoru studujícího,nebo vyučujícího,podle domluvy.

Kurzy mohou začít kdykoli.

V případě zájmu se ozvěte na tel : (+420) 732 336 042 ,nebo e.mail :

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Clothes should come from


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The Rules of Buying and Selling Through Consignment Shops

Is your closet bursting with Versace pumps that mercilessly pinch your toes, or Ann Taylor slacks that aren’t as flattering as they used to be? Do you want to trade your Donna Karan pea coat in for a Kenneth Cole suede blazer? Buying and selling gently used designer clothing through a consignment shop might be the answer to your sartorial dilemmas.

Before buying any more used clothing, try selling what you don’t want first. Grab a phonebook or consult the online version of your local Yellow Pages and make a list of the consignment boutiques in your area. Then visit the ones that seem to match your fashion tastes. Take a look at their merchandise and inquire about the prospect of bringing in some of your clothing to sell. Find out what season of clothing they are accepting. Some stores request that you make an appointment to look over the clothes you want to consign. Others will accept walk ins from clients wanting to consign their clothes.

Five Rules to Follow When Selling Your Clothes on ConsignmentTo get the most money from your efforts, make sure to follow these five rules when selling your clothes on consignment:

Clothing should be clean and free from stains and holes. Have it pressed or dry cleaned before bringing it in for consignment.

Unless you are consigning vintage clothing, make sure the clothes you consign are no older than five years.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Clothes should come from a smoke free home. mnhdfjgh

Check to see that your clothing and accessories are authentic. This means looking closely at logos (Nike swooshes, Izod alligators, Nautica sailboats and the like), which should be firmly affixed to the garment. Stitching should be even and tight.

Leather items should be cleaned with soap and buffed with mink oil or leather conditioner.

Following these five rules will increase the amount the consignment shop will be able to sell your items. When bringing in your clothing to the consignment shop, do not bring it in garbage bags, because couture should suffer no such indignity. Rather bring in a few items at a time, making sure they are in as close to brand new shape as you can get them. If your items do not sell within 90 days, most consignment shops will give you the option of either donating them to local charities or taking them back home again.

Louis Vuitton Outlet My Sister’s Closet Discusses Designer Consignment on CNBC

Louis Vuitton Replica How to Buy Clothes on ConsignmentBuying clothes on consignment allows you to spend some of the money you might have made selling clothes on consignment, or it might just allow you try out some new fashions at a discounted price. Consignment shops specialize in all sorts of clothing: designer, vintage, children’s and men’s clothing. Check out the local phonebook for the location of the nearest consignment shop. Don’t forget to check online forums; frequently people will discuss their favorite consignment shops online. Your local newspaper is also a good source for information on consignment shops; look for advertisements in weekly fashion or life and leisure inserts.

Buying clothes on consignment is a win win situation: it’s typically inexpensive and what you don’t end up wearing you can just bring back to the consignment shop for resale. There are some rules you should follow however when selling clothes on consignment:

If your object is to save lots of money, shop at the end of the season.

If you are buying clothes on consignment online, do not hesitate to contact the seller with questions about the article of clothing in which you are interested. Also, familiarize yourself with the seller’s return policy just in case the item does not fit, as is often the case with clothing sold online.

Replica Louis Vuitton Wallets Enjoy Yourself When it Comes to ConsignmentBuying and selling clothing on consignment can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It provides for a way to relieve your closet of all those dresses and jeans which don’t quite fit deewedffdgd14 and allows you to replace them for little cost. And don’t forget that you can also buy and sell more than just clothing on consignment: household wares, children’s toys and men’s apparel is also bought and sold through consignment shops. Become familiar with your local consignment shops and frequent them on a regular basis. You’re sure to find quite a few treasures worth taking home.